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How Many Assistants Should Be Involved in the Wedding?


A wedding is a big day for the bride, and she will need as much help and support as possible in planning for events leading up to the event as well as after. To keep things simple, a bride should have at least three people wearing distinct hats so their roles don’t get mixed up. The bride should spell out her expectations for each assistant so that no one gets confused. What are these three roles?

The wedding coordinator is in charge on the day of the wedding. She makes sure that everything flows smoothly and successfully at the ceremonial and reception sites. A successful coordinator is one who keeps everything under control and is responsive to any emergencies that may occur.

A wedding planner is someone who provides input but does not actually implement the work. Comparable to an advisor, she simply guides the bride and makes recommendations about invitation styles, ideal reception and ceremony venues, great caterers and bakers, so on and so forth. It is up to the bride to implement those decisions based on the planner’s advice, but that is the cut-off point, unless the bride pays the planner to carry out her decisions.

The personal assistant is like the executive assistant to the CEO. The bride’s wish is the personal assistant’s command, from getting coffee to picking up prescriptions for her. Usually the Maid of Honor would take on the role of the personal assistant as they participate in fun activities such as shopping.

If you are lucky, your Maid of Honor may be very experienced in wedding planning and can provide great advice without your having to hire a professional planner. However, since she is part of the wedding, you will still need a wedding coordinator to make sure everything flows well on the Big Day.

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