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Four Ways to Protect Your Investment in Your Engagement Ring

Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring represents a significant investment of resources, time, and emotion. You’ve expended a great deal of effort to make sure you had the perfect ring, and now you want to make sure you also have exactly what you paid for. Here are four things you’ll want to make sure you have in place.

Make Sure Your Diamond is Certified

Your center stone should be certified diamond. Certification represents an analysis by an outside agency, a third party not affiliated with us (or any other jeweler). We carry both EGL and GIA certified diamonds, and that certification is an outsider’s opinion of the value. With a certification, you have an accurate means to compare the price of your diamond with others and the ability to make a truly informed decision.

Note the Certification on the Ring

You can have the report number of your certification laser inscribed right on the diamond. This allows you to have a clear and constant record of the value and the quality of your gem.

Don’t Buy More than You Can Afford

Your engagement ring is a symbol of your relationship, but it’s not the actual relationship. We know you value your commitment to each other greatly. Don’t jeopardize that commitment with hasty and poorly thought out financial decisions. More than one engagement ring has been lost to the pawn shop that way.

Consider Insurance

For many couples, the engagement ring and wedding set will be their most expensive asset for their first few years of marriage. It makes sense to protect that, and in most cases the insurance will be about one percent of the value of the ring, paid monthly. Hopefully, you’ll never need to collect on that policy, but the tears will stop falling sooner if it’s in place.

If you need an engagement ring in San Diego County, we want you to know that we’re fully committed in earning your business for life. We’re a third generation jeweler and a small family business. Won’t you please give us an opportunity to live up to our promises?


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