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Financing Makes for a Very Long Engagement

Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

We have financing available, but we really don’t recommend it. Sure, it’s on par with all of the other financing out there in the world of jewelry, but we just don’t believe it’s usually in our customer’s best interests. It makes much more sense to choose a ring you can afford. Of course, we know that there’s a great deal of desire to pick a ring that goes overboard. After all, the love you share is pretty overwhelming, right? Shouldn’t your ring reflect that?

You don’t need a ring to prove your love. The engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment, and it certainly should be the best that you can afford. However, you don’t want to get yourself in financial stress so that your commitment is constantly tested by unnecessary pressure! There’s enough going on in the world today that starting out your marriage with a huge recurring payment isn’t something you’ll want to do.

It may seem like a great deal to get a more expensive ring and not have to put out a great deal of cash to get it, but it’s just not the reality. In fact, most jewelry stores increase their pricing when you use financing and call the regular pricing as “cash discount.” You pay more for the engagement ring, and you pay interest. To us, it just doesn’t make sense.

Of course, there are times you might want to consider it. We’ve had customers who knew they would receive a windfall from matured investments within a few months but wanted to pop the question right away. In a case like that, financing makes sense, and that’s why we have it available for those appropriate times.

In most cases, though, we recommend you buy a ring you can afford. You can always upgrade to a nicer stone later. We could make a great deal of money by not giving you this advice, but we won’t. When you’re ready to buy an engagement ring in San Diego County, we don’t just want that business. We want your business for life.


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