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Estate Jewelry

Updated: May 5, 2022

Women's Estate 14K Yellow Gold Natural Diamonds & Emeralds Ring
Women's Estate 14K Yellow Gold Natural Diamonds & Emeralds Ring

Have You Considered Estate Jewelry?

Do you ever feel like most of the jewelry on the market today seems just like all of the other jewelry on the market? It sure seems the same, like none of it has personality of its own. Sure there are some really lovely pieces but it’s a sure thing millions of other people are wearing the same design. At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we’ve held from the very first day we opened our doors that jewelry is special for far more than the materials used its creation. If it weren’t, why wouldn’t we just give a fiancé a lump of gold and an uncut diamond? Jewelry is more than precious gems and metal, though. Since it commemorates emotions and special events, it means something unique to each couple. It’s hard to imagine the mass produced jewelry of today meaning anything unique. That’s one of the reasons we design and manufacture all of our own jewelry. We believe jewelry should be customized to the people involved. For the same reason, we stock a great deal of estate jewelry. In fact, we have one of the largest inventories of pre-owned jewelry in the greater San Diego area. When you’re ready to make a jewelry purchase, consider estate jewelry.

Estate Jewelry’s Craftsmanship Is Highly Desirable.

These days, it seems like quality and workmanship are thought of as passé. We don’t think that’s right. We’re committed to high standards with everything we make and we also believe our large selection of estate jewelry at our Hillcrest San Diego showroom demonstrates old world craftsmanship that puts the assembly-line items you’ll find in most of the big corporate stores to shame. Estate jewelry represents a commitment to excellence that seems lost today. Naturally, jewelry manufacturing is far more efficient today and it’s produced faster than ever before. The result, though, is that everything is produced in a sort of common way designed to appeal to most people rather than to individual tastes. It’s not as efficient to design it and to craft it with exacting standards. We believe the old way created jewelry much better than the mass produced items. If you take a look at the estate jewelry in our showroom (you’ll find rings, brooches, necklaces, and other items) we think you’ll agree.

Estate Jewelry Has Character.

It really is surprising what you might find in our inventory. You might discover a ring from the 1940s that has such an elegant beauty you won’t be able to keep yourself from imagining it on a special someone’s finger. Perhaps a brooch from the 1970s will stun you with how perfect it would complement your formal wear. You might find a necklace that seems as though it were made to grace the neck of your wife. Perhaps a vintage fine timepiece will catch your eye. Every item in the inventory has a story and a history and every item can have new life becoming part of your story! We’re certain you’ll find something that will fill a special need for you. Because the items are pre-owned, you’ll be surprised at what attractive pricing we can offer.

We’re a small family business, and we believe in treating customers as though they were family. That means you won’t face high-pressured sales tactics. Instead, one of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals will talk to you. We’ll ask questions to help you find what you might like. If there’s a sale, you’ll get a warm smile and an invitation to return at any time. If there isn’t a sale… you’ll get the same thing! We’re not in this business to make a quick dollar at anyone’s expense. Our goal is to help you find the perfect item for you. Drop by our showroom. You’ll be glad you did.


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