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Educated Gold Seller

You have decided to gather up all your gold jewelry and sell it for its gold content, but where do you go from there?

If you do a bit of research and preparation you can usually get larger cash offers. But if you don’t know how much your gold is worth, or how much it weighs, you are probably going to get a lot less than you deserve.

So gather up those broken gold chains, earrings and bracelets and begin the task of becoming an educated gold seller.

Begin by inspecting your gold items for special markings or numbers to make sure that your gold items are not actually antiques and worth more as they are than if you melted them down for the gold content. Then you want to remove any stones or non-gold parts from your jewelry because they will interfere with the actual weight of the gold. Then separate your pieces by gold quality such as 14K, 24K and weigh your gold items with a scale that measures in grams or pennyweights. Use an online calculator to estimate the value of your gold. Next do some research by calling different businesses and asking them what percentage of the full price do they pay.

Now you are ready to do some in-person bargaining.

Try to avoid the “We buy gold” stores and most pawn shops because you will usually be offered the least amount of money for your gold at these places.

Jewelry stores many times offer more than “we buy gold” stores, but sometimes they want to give you store credit instead of actual cash money. So ask them upfront if the offer will be cash or store credit.

If you are ready to sell your gold jewelry items in San Diego and you want someone that you can trust, why not choose a company that prides itself on making customers for life. We are a small, family owned business and offer only fair prices. When it comes to making decisions regarding the value of your gold jewelry, we can help.


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