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Does Unmarked Jewelry Mean It Is Cheap Rubbish?

We all know about gold and silver carrying stamps that tell us a lot about when it was made, the carat, and also the year it was made in some instances and there is no doubt that it is a useful tool when it comes to working out if something is valuable. However, not every piece is going to be hallmarked, but it is important to point out that this does not mean that it is cheap rubbish. Instead, it simply means that different tests have to be done to determine the quality of the piece should you be thinking about selling it.

It is important to point out that most of the old gold that is out there does not have any hallmarks, so if you already know that the item goes back a few generations then this could explain it. You could also find that it was a one off piece commissioned for someone and the designer has not put those marks on. Finally, marks can and do rub off especially on rings, so in all honesty there could have been one on there, but it has been lost as the years pass by.

In some instances the fact that there is no hallmark may affect the price especially with the older pieces where its age really does play a role in its value. However, even when there is no hallmark you will still have something of value even if it is just for the scrap price of the metal in question and if it also contains gems, then you could still walk away with a small fortune.

What is clear is that having it correctly identified is important and this is where having an expert cast their eye over it is the best advice that you can be given. They will not only carry out the relevant tests to determine the type of metal it is, but will also then tell you the current market rate for that metal and what they are willing to pay you. It is then left to you to decide if you do indeed want to sell or not, but at least a number of questions will have been answered just by having it checked out.

So if you have some unmarked jewelry, but you think that there may be some value to it, then bring it to our store here in San Diego and let us tell you more about it. We can perform tests on the item and then give you a fair market price for the piece should you be wishing to sell it. We have been in the business for years and know how to identify every piece of jewelry, so drop in and talk to us and you may end up walking away with some cash.


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