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Different Wedding Bands?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Women's Natural Sapphires & Diamonds Engagement Ring Wedding Set
Women's Natural Sapphires & Diamonds Engagement Ring Wedding Set

Searching for the perfect wedding band set is an arduous process. You need to invest the time and energy to get a wide sample of choices, investigate different metal and styles, and consider your lifestyle. When finalizing your choice keep in mind that there’s no rule that says both of you have to choose the same design. In fact, oftentimes choosing different designs or styles is the surest way to making the best choice.

A traditional matching wedding band set is classic and a symbol of two people being joined as one. While that symbolism is compelling what is more practical is choosing a set that reflects the best in each of you and takes into consideration your different wedding band needs. The key to choosing a mismatched wedding band set is finding a way to accentuate each other’s choice while maintaining independent elements. The perfect combination of different wedding bands is a set that maintains a certain level of connectedness (either in design, color, or metal) while being independent enough to meet the specific needs of the wearer.

Consider ways to choose your set by evaluating each other’s needs. If there are special circumstances at play such as allergies or specific issues concerning how the bands will be worn, use the details to craft a design that works best.

When shopping for different wedding bands in San Diego, choose a jewelry store that offers a wide selection of bands from which you can choose. A wider selection allows you to be creative in exploring styles and designs and still able to meet your specific and individual needs in a wedding band. Keep in mind, your wedding band will become a part of your everyday life for decades. It’s important that you remember the time you will spend with the ring and the need to make the best choice possible.

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