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Diamond Bracelets

A diamond bracelet is a statement—it says you are beautiful, you have marvelous taste, and you know what you want. Every movement of your wrist brings a flash of brilliance, and grabs attention.

A diamond bracelet will effortlessly dress up any outfit, transitioning smoothly from daytime fashion to evening wear. Now, more than ever before, there are a number of choices available to choose from when selecting beautiful, timeless diamond jewelry.

Diamond Bracelets: Infinitely Versatile

A single diamond bracelet is simplicity itself, but for a dramatic look layer several bracelets, intermingling textures and shapes for an individual fashion statement. Never out of style, a diamond bracelet may be sporty, trendy, whimsical, or elegant, depending on your taste.

A diamond bracelet is a good investment, but more than that, it is a piece of art, a thing of beauty, that brings pleasure to the wearer. Diverse, fashionable and valuable, diamond bracelets are the perfect gift for any occasion and are a sincere way to say “I care.”

A Quick Introduction

There are a few classic styles of diamond bracelets that are common to see in jewelry stores. Though we pride ourselves in unique and original pieces, we have listed a few styles as a resource for our customers:

A tennis bracelet

A tennis bracelet, the simplest form of style, is a solid band of matched diamonds, and the most classic choice for most women. Easy to layer or mix with other bracelet styles, the tennis bracelet is the most versatile choice today.

Diamond bangles

Diamond bangles are solid bands of precious metal, accented with diamonds and other gems. The bangle can be mixed with solid bracelets for a fun, unique style or worn by itself. The bracelet may be a solid circle that slips over a woman’s hand or may be hinged for ease of wear.

The Diamond Cuff

The hottest trend in diamond bracelets is the diamond cuff. This is a big, bold look, with a limitless choice of beautiful metals interspersed with blazing diamonds. A wide sweep of silver or gold, the cuff is the most dramatic of the diamond bracelets, and is even more dramatic when stacked with bangles or tennis bracelets.

Purchase from a Jeweler you can Trust

Most important to a positive jewelry purchasing experience is being able to communicate effectively with trained professionals. That’s why we place our highest priorities into listening to our customers needs, even if it means referring you to one of our competitors.


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