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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands

Women's Natural Diamonds Eternity Wedding Band
Women's Natural Diamonds Eternity Wedding Band

The wedding bands are an enduring memento of your most sacred union. They signify the bonds between both of you and will forever represent the connection you declared and the commitment you have promised. Given that the bands are so significant and will be a part of your lives going forward, careful planning should be employed as you search for the perfect wedding bands. Part of your search - an integral part – is the planning before the search is undergone. The part of the planning that causes the most concern is commonly the budget for the rings. Determining your budget can go a long way toward steering your search into areas where you are most likely to find the wedding bands that will serve as perfect symbols of your wedding.

Generally speaking, your wedding bands will account for approximately 20-30% of your wedding budget. Considering the size, location, and a amenities included in your wedding, you can arrive at a range that covers what you should be keeping in mind as a target wedding band price.

Other factors of the wedding bands that will affect the final cost are gem stones included. If you choose to have stones mounted on your wedding bands you can expect that the inclusions of the gems will increase the price. Of course, the most expensive gem of all is the diamond and diamonds as part of your wedding band set will add significantly to the overall cost of your rings.

When it comes time to shop for a wedding band in San Diego, we hope you’ll consider us. We’re a third generation jeweler and a small family business. We want to delight you, to go above and beyond in order to earn your trust and make you a customer for life.


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