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Fine Pre-Owned Cartier Watches and Jewelry

It may seem to you that a Cartier is too luxurious, too beautiful, too elegant, and too expensive for you to own. We can understand the thought. After all, Cartier jewelry and Cartier watches are beyond beautiful. In fact, you could make a good argument that Cartier creates the most prestigious jewelry in the world. Their fine timepieces and fine jewelry are so much in demand that there are royal families who have issued them appointments! That means is kings, queens, princes, and others have literally said Cartier may call themselves royal jewelers. Can you imagine any higher honor? King Edward VIII of England put it best. He said that Cartier is a jeweler for kings and the king of jewelers. Even though such a brand may seem out of your reach, we’re excited to let you know that Bert Levi Family Jewelers stocks pre-owned Cartier items, and that means you can have one for a price you won’t believe.

Cartier Jewelry - The Picture of Elegance

There’s simply no way to be too excited about this brand. No matter what you say about them, it would be impossible to say too much about the beauty, elegance, and style of a Cartier watch, ring, necklace, or other item. For more than a century, the name has been synonymous with quality, and a Cartier pendant or necklace speaks of luxury beyond reckoning.

Cartier Watches - Timekeeping Style and Craftsmanship

Did you know that Louis Cartier created the first Cartier wristwatch in 1904 because a friend of his, an aviator, was upset that pocket watches weren’t really practical when trying to piolet an airplane? From that first fine watch more than one-hundred years ago until today, the accuracy, functionality, and beauty of a Cartier watch has been respected the world over.

Cartier from Bert Levi Family Jewelers - Price and Service with a Commitment to You

Bert Levi Family Jewelers is proud to announce that we stock a selection of fine Cartier watches and jewelry in our Hillcrest San Diego showroom. If you always thought a Cartier jewelry item would be outside of your price range, you’ll be excited to know that a pre-owned Cartier item might fit more nicely in your budget. Come on by and you’ll find Cartier items that are sure to peak your interest. You don’t have to worry about pressure, though. That’s not how we do business. Instead, our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals are there to help give you the information you need. Stop by and experience the difference a third generation jeweler can make.


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