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Best Places for Your Wedding Registry

Best Places for Your Wedding Registry

Big-Ticket Items

At Bed, Bath & Beyond, you can find all your basic household items, linens and appliances at this one-stop shop. Certain items qualify for free gifts, such as a cheese-serving set from Delonghi, and if you don’t receive everything you wanted from Bed, Bath & Beyond, you get 10% off as a completion discount if you want to purchase the items on your own.

Bloomingdale’s offers big names like Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren. They have a “Set the Table” tool which allows you to mix and match products from Bloomingdale on a virtual table. On top of the 10% completion discount you get (up to six months after your wedding), you will receive free monogramming, invitations to exclusive events, and honeymoon discounts from top-notch hotels around the world.

Crate & Barrel – At one of Crate & Barrel’s “Wedding Party Events,” watch product demos and enjoy one-on-one attention with registry experts who are there to answer any questions you have about the store’s merchandise. Since these events are exclusively for engaged couples, you will receive more personal attention than on a regular busy business day.

Online Registry Sites

With, you can create a customized wedding registry and enlist products from stores that don’t offer an official registry. This would be great for big-name retailers or smaller, independent stores that are not typically associated with wedding gifts.

If you’re into electronics and you’ve had your eye on that plasma TV for a while, jump on the wagon with Best Buy’s Wish List! The store offers a pitch-in card that allows guests to put in their contribution to a joint purchase for big-ticket items, like a surround-sound system.

Feeling charitable? You can donate to your favorite charity by using With these sites, you can register with a partner retailer, and a certain percentage of every purchase from these stores will go to a charity of your choice.

We know of one important purchase you’ll be buying yourself, your wedding ring. In San Diego, people know to come to us because we’re a third generation jeweler with thousands of satisfied customers. We want to delight you with our commitment to your satisfaction. We want to make you a customer for life.


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