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An Appropriate Ring

Womens 3.14 Carats Emerald Cut GIA Certified Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
Womens 3.14 Carats Emerald Cut GIA Certified Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Have you ever heard a newly engaged person talk about the one who will soon say, “I do”? We’re a third generation jeweler, so in our years of business, we’ve spoken with thousands of fiancés, and there’s something we can say for certain. Not once with all of the couples we’ve helped have we heard an excited bride say, “He has perfectly cut facets and there are no inclusions or blemishes. Better yet, his color is a perfect D!”

Your engagement ring is not your engagement. It’s a symbol of your engagement. It’s meant to be a celebration of your relationship, a reminder of the commitment you share, and a memorialization of the start of your new life together. We’ve seen far too many couples get themselves into financial hot water buying a ring and a diamond they just couldn’t afford.

You don’t have to devastate your bank account to get a beautiful ring. We’re direct diamond importers, and with our decades of diamond grading and sorting experience, we know what it takes to find beautiful diamonds. Since we cut out several layers of middlemen, we get to pass those savings along to you. In fact, we have thousands of GIA and EGL certified diamonds, and you’ll be surprised at how reasonable the prices are. Best of all, because we pay our suppliers with cash instead of with credit, they allow us first pick of the supply. That means we always get the brightest and best.

Almost any ring can be customized to fit any budget, and keep one more thing in mind. You don’t have to break the bank now because when your circumstances permit, you can always upgrade to a nicer diamond then. Remember, your engagement is important, but it’s not as important as your life together! When you’re ready to find an engagement ring in San Diego County, we hope you’ll put your trust in us.


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