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Customize Your Rolex

Image by Sabrianna

We Can Help You Customize Your Rolex

There are many reasons to own a Rolex. Perhaps the industry-leading accuracy was what appealed to you when you bought yours. Perhaps it was the remarkable design or it may have been the wonderful history behind the brand. Whatever reasons led you to buy your Rolex, you’ve probably found a great deal of enjoyment in owning your watch, and we’re sure you love the way it looks around your wrist. Perhaps, though, you’d like something a little more individual… Bert Levi family jewelers has years of experience to customize your Rolex watches.

Add Gems to Your Rolex for Luxurious Elegance

Did you know we can put diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or other gemstones in your watch dial to replace some or all of the numbers? How about a jeweled bezel in dazzling colors? We’ve helped countless owners customize their Rolexes to add a touch of extravagance and really make the watch shine! You should be aware that adding aftermarket material to a fine timepiece will in most cases render the company warranty (of usually one or two years) void but given the reliability of a Rolex and our experience working with them, we’re confident you’ll never need it. If you want your timepiece to change from beautiful to incredible, come see us.

Customize Your Rolex with Someone You Can Trust

Your Rolex is already a substantial investment, and when you’re ready to add aftermarket parts and gems, you really need to with a jeweler you can trust. Bert Levi Family Jewelers is a third generation jeweler, and we’ve built our reputation in the Greater San Diego Area by treating our customers with fairness and respect. You don’t have to worry about high pressure tactics from us, and you don’t have to worry about shoddy work. If you stop by, one of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals will be happy to show you the possibilities and get you started on the path to a unique and personal wristwatch.

We’re conveniently located in Hillcrest San Diego, and we’d love the opportunity to show you why countless San Diegans already consider us their personal family jeweler. Let us help you with your Rolex or your other fine timepiece. You’ll be glad you stopped by.

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