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Will My Rolex Get Damaged if I Wear It Everyday?

Rolex is renowned as a tool watch brand. In short, that means they created (and create) watches that are tools. In today’s word, where computers can perform time calculations with ease, most of what Rolex offers is no longer used by professionals the way it might have been back in the 1950s or 1960s. Nonetheless, the watches were designed to withstand every day use because they were intended to be used on the job or in the midst of activity. It is smart to take the watch off during certain activities such as using heavy machinery or anything that puts grit and dust in the air. In addition, be aware that watches formed from precious metals are not as strong as Rolex’s stainless steel watches. However, in most cases you will wear gold or platinum watches along with long sleeves, which help protect the metal. Given that wearing your Rolex daily will allow you to keep the perpetual movement wound and will also allow you to truly appreciate the watch, it makes sense to do it. Certainly, this will lead to signs of wear over time but regular maintenance can mitigate the effects.

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