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What Size Diamond Should You Buy?

Womens GIA Certified 18k Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's GIA Certified 18k Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

The size of the diamond depends on your budget. How much can you afford? The engagement ring should be memorable, but it doesn’t have to remind you of how much money you owe the jeweler months or even years after you’re married.

To determine what size you want to afford for the ring, use the “Four Cs” rating system: Color, Cut, Clarity and Cut Size. The price increases in proportion with the cut size and clarity of the diamond. If the diamond is ASG/GIA certified, it may increase in price as well. You don’t have to compromise quality just because you get a small diamond. By picking the right shape that she likes, you can have the diamond cut in a way that radiates brilliance. Some may say that you should go browsing for a ring together to make sure she picks the one she likes, but most women will tell you that they like to be surprised. When their man takes time to think through things and presents something that comes out of his heart, the woman will appreciate the effort he put into it.

To be sure that you pick the right ring for her, know her personality and ask her closest friends for advice. Find out through third parties what she likes so that when she sees the ring, she will be thoroughly surprised and ask, “How did you know?!” The more discreet you are about finding out her preferences, the more thrilled she will be at your amazing ability to read her mind.

Let us help you find the perfect engagement ring today at San Diego’s best engagement ring store! We’re a small family business, and we’re not satisfied until we’ve earned your business as a customer for life.


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