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What Kind of Rolex Should I Buy?

Rolex Sky Dweller Men's Watch with Bright Blue Display
Rolex Sky Dweller Men's Watch ref: 326934

Recently, the demand for Rolex’s fine luxury watches has increased dramatically. No longer a watch relegated to the extremely rich, many people in all income levels are discovering what it’s like to have this marvel of timekeeping technology on their wrists. While to be sure, there are a number of models that far exceed the budgets of most, there are many more affordable choices, and they’re going fast. If you are among the countless new Rolex enthusiasts, you’re likely asking yourself what kind of Rolex to buy.

A Rolex is a substantial investment, which makes the answer to this question particularly important. The answer is also a but obvious. You should buy the Rolex that’s right for you. Like any other purchase, you should make your decision based on your personality, your personal preferences, and your likes and dislikes. You certainly shouldn’t think of wearing a Rolex just for the brand name. There is a Rolex watch to fit just about any personality.

You can divide Rolex watches into three general categories. There are tool watches, sport watches, and dress watches. This an informal division and for the most part, all sport watches could be considered tool watches and many tool watches are very appropriate for dress wear. Are you into sports? Do you pride yourself in your sense of fashion? Are you technical in nature?

The Sky Dweller is all about flying. The Submariner and the Deep Sea Dweller are all about diving. Whether you like the skies or the deeps, there are choices for you. Are you a car enthusiast? That makes the Daytona a good choice. Perhaps you’re more of an adventurer. The Rolex Explorer might be the choice for you.

Perhaps you want to focus more of the technological achievement of a particular model. The GMT-Master involved the first technology to allow quick calculations of time zone differences for pilots in the early days of air travel. The Rolex Milgauss was designed to resist magnetic fields so scientists working in those conditions had reliable technology. Of course, every Rolex is a technological achievement but some point to specific functions that were revolutionary in their day.

If it’s all about fashion for you, choices abound from the Rolex Day Date to the very affordable Oyster Perpetual. Most of Rolex’s models, though, will be appropriate as formal wear so you can feel free to explore what most appeals to you. That’s the key, really. What appeals to you. The Rolex you should buy should be a Rolex that reflects you.

If you’re ready to buy a Rolex, there are a resources online that can tell you about the history of the brand as well as about every model past or present. It’s a sure bet you’ll find a Rolex that fits you. You can buy one from a Rolex authorized dealer or from a trustworthy pre-owned Rolex seller. Remember, this is your watch and will go on your wrist. Make it about you.


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