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What Is the Tiffany Novo Design?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

In 1878, and enormous diamond was discovered in the famed Kimberly mine in South Africa. It was two-hundred and eighty-seven carats and the largest yellow diamond discovered up to that point. The remarkable gem was purchased by Charles Tiffany and at the Tiffany & Co. Paris office, it was studied for more than a year before a young gemologist name George Kunz (who’d later discover the gem Kunzite, named in his honor) began the process of cutting it. The result was a one-hundred and twenty-eight carat masterpiece, the Tiffany diamond. Audrey Hepburn showed it off beautifully for publicity photos for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She was one of only two women who’ve ever worn it. The girl you love will likely never have the opportunity to wear that diamond but you can put a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring on her finger, and the Novo design is inspired by the legendary Tiffany Diamond.

The Tiffany Diamond was cut in a unique cushion style with additional facets that added brilliance and sparkle. Is it any wonder that the man responsible for cutting it became world-renowned in the world of gemology? The Novo is cut in a style reminiscent of the Tiffany Diamond, designed to display light in the most dazzling way possible. The band is elegant and beautiful with inlaid diamonds and the setting displays the center stone to attract and disperse light even more effectively. If there’s a brighter and more beautiful diamond engagement ring available on the market, we’re unaware of its existence.

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