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Tiffany & Co. and Patek Philippe

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Almost all Tiffany & Co. watches are based on quartz movement but did you know they have a relationship with one of the most respected of all mechanical movement timepiece manufacturers in the world? The relationship began in 1951. Antoine Norbert de Patek wanted to establish relationships with the finest retailers he could find and he and Charles Lewis Tiffany shook hands in New York City. The relationship was based on a shared commitment to excellence and quality and it’s lasted for more than one-hundred and sixty years! Today, there is a Patek Philippe boutique in Tiffany & Co.’s New York store, a testimony to the power of a handshake and a shared promise always kept.

What Patek Philippe has done for timekeeping accuracy cannot be overstated. The perpetual calendar, a calendar that displays the correct day of the month even taking into account that months have different days, has become standard for fine timepieces, and it was Patek Philippe that developed the technology. In fact, that’s only a small contribution compared to the fat that one of their founders created the keyless winding mechanism! Queen Victoria owned fine watches from this company, and that explains why they’re known as the watchmakers to royalty. A Patek Philippe watch holds the world record for sale price at auction, and the quality of their timepieces is just extraordinary.

At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we buy thousands of dollars’ worth of fine timepieces and jewelry every week in our downtown San Diego showroom. This includes Tiffany & Co. jewelry and Patek Philippe watches. We have one of the largest inventory of pre-owned jewelry in the Greater San Diego Area. We have to warn you, though, that Tiffany & Co items and Patek Philippe watches are enormously popular and they don’t stay in inventory for very long at all! Drop by our showroom and let one of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals show you what we have. We’re conveniently located in the Gaslamp District, and we’d love to see about getting one of these works of art around your wrist.

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