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Three Reasons to Consider a Rolex Yacht-Master

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Rolex Yacht-Master Men's Watch
A Pre-Owned Rolex Yacht-Master 116680 Men's Watch

Are you looking to buy a Rolex in San Diego? When you plan to buy a fine timepiece, there are a number of factors that might weigh into your decision to buy. For some, there is a fascination with mechanical timekeeping and its rich history of remarkable engineering and development. For some, a luxury watch is evidence of status and success. For some, the beauty of a fine wristwatch is the real charm. The reasons are as diverse as people but once you’ve determined you want a fine watch, you need to choose a model. Here are three reasons you might want to choose a Rolex Yacht-Master.

The Rolex Yacht-Master Has Breathtaking Popularity

Although Rolex began developing nautical tools and designs as early as the 1960s, the Yacht-Master wasn’t released to the public until the 1990s. Almost instantly, it became one of the most desired Rolex models. In very short order, a ladies version of the watch was released and then another model in a smaller size. Development of variations on this particular model occurred with far more rapidity than other models because of dramatic demand. While originally crafted from 18k yellow gold, variations with two tone models and Rolex’s unique patented combination of platinum and stainless steel (Rolesium) are available now, all driven by insatiable demand.

The Rolex Yacht-Master Combines Dress Watch and Tool Watch Features

The sport of yachting is a sport of elites, and unlike other “tool” watches from Rolex, watches designed to provide timekeeping functionality specific to a profession or sport (such as the Daytona for auto racing and the GMT Master for pilots), the Yacht Master is designed not only for the exceptional functionality for effecting sailing and yacht racing but also with appearance in mind. It is highly effective as technology in a race and just as highly effective as an accessory at a fancy yacht club dinner party.

The Yacht-Master Is Simply Stunning

A standard Rolex Yacht-Master features a stainless steel case with a platinum or yellow gold time-lapse bezel; a platinum or mother of pearl dial and customization options for the dial that can include diamons and sapphires. In addition, the special Oysterlock bracelet adds to the Yacht-Master’s charm and desirability. The Yacht-Master represents the perfect combination of lustrous material choices and striking design that makes it a favorite among collectors.

If you have decided to buy a luxury timepiece in San Diego, it’s important you do your homework and fine a reputable Rolex seller. Whether you decided on a Yacht-Master or another watch, you’ll want a dealer you can trust to give you all the information you need and to help you make informed choices so you get something just perfect for you to put on your wrist.


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