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The President Bracelet

Updated: May 6, 2022

Rolex 18K Yellow Gold President Bracelet
Rolex 18K Yellow Gold President Bracelet

Shortly after their release of the Jubilee Bracelet, Rolex followed it up with another major hit. It was a new and powerful presence that became the “power tie” of the watchband world. It was the type of band that that could stand out without causing a seen or drawing unwarranted attention and they called it the President Bracelet; a very fitting name for a very charismatic and powerful wristband.

Not surprisingly it was another instant success for Rolex. Very similar to the company’s already popular Oyster Bracelet type, the President Bracelet features high polished center links displayed prominently throughout the body of the chain. Also, much like its sister Bracelet type, the center links are perfectly nudged between a pair of brushed-finish side links. The main difference between the two types of Bracelets lies in the number of links used in each wristband.

For a President Bracelet, there are many more links. (It varies depending on watch type, male/female watch, or older and newer models. In general there are approximately twenty three to twenty four more links in men’s Day Date models and thirty six more in ladies Presidential models.) It’s a good amount more than the twelve to thirteen links normally found in an Oyster Bracelet type. The reason behind the sudden link jump in the President Bracelet when compared to the Oyster Bracelet is that the Oyster Bracelet’s links are much larger than those of the Presidential Bracelets.

This change in link number, though seemingly a very small change, carries a rather large change when actually seen side by side or when worn by a consumer. How does the watch feel to you? Do you enjoy the look of the Oyster Bracelet but find it a bit too imposing and clunky for your tastes? Does the President Bracelet fit your personal style and flair? All of these are questions that you should ask yourself when deciding what watch type you want to use and carry with you.

If you choose to go ahead with using a President Bracelet type don’t forget that customization options abound. Along with the gem customization there are a variety of finish options available, including the ever popular bark finish. Or maybe a gold center finish with white gold or pink gold sides is more along your tastes. Whatever your choice, you’re bound to be pleased with the way it sits and feels on your wrist.

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