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Some Thoughts about Carat Weight

Women's 14K White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Semi-Mounting
Women's 14K White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Semi-Mounting

At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we sell GIA certified diamonds for what it costs us to replace them in our inventory when you buy one of our semi mount engagement rings at the regular price. That means we don’t make any money on the diamonds. We love having the freedom to help you design the perfect engagement ring for your needs, and part of that is ensuring you understand how carat weight affects your purchase.

The term “carat” actually derives from the ancient practice of using carob seeds to weigh precious gems. Because carob seeds are remarkably uniform in weight, they worked well as standards. Each carat is divided into 100 points, so you can think of carats as a decimal-based system. Here’s the remarkable thing, though. Almost every other item on earth sells by total weight. Diamonds don’t. Diamonds that are one carat in size are extraordinarily rare. That means that a one carat diamond costs much, much more than a diamond that is 0.95 carats. The same can be said of a 1.8 carat diamond versus a two carat diamond. Why is this important? It’s actually quite simple. You can buy a diamond that’s ALMOST a carat or ALMOST two carats and it will cost you a very significant amount less than an actual one or two carat stone. However, the difference in size is almost negligible! We’re a small family jeweler, and we believe everyone is entitled to a beautiful engagement ring. We’ll treat you fairly, and we want to make you a customer for life!


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