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Some Interesting Wedding Facts from Around the World

A married couple wedding

This post is just for fun. We thought you might like to know some fun and interesting facts about wedding. You can always amaze your friends!

  • In some parts of Germany, trees are planted when a girl is born. When her wedding date is set years later, they’re sold to help pay for the wedding!

  • In Greece, a sugar cube hidden in the bride’s glove is supposed to help the couple be sweet with one another.

  • Princess Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII, was given an engagement ring at two years old! That’s what arranged marriages between royals lead to!

  • In Wales, brides are often “kidnapped” by their families. Whichever man rescues her will be the next one to get married. No need to catch a garter there!

  • In the United States, almost five hundred million dollars’ worth of gold is turned into wedding rings every year!

  • Tear off all the bride’s clothes? Believe it or not, in the fourteenth century, a piece of the bride’s clothing was considered good luck, and often a bride was left naked seconds after the ceremony as superstitious guests attacked. Many believe the tradition of the garter belt was created to stop that.

  • In Russian Orthodox marriages, couples run to get on a special carpet. Whoever gets there first is thought to be the “head of the house.”

  • There’s a tradition of spanking on birthdays. In Egypt, brides are pinched!

  • Many of us would panic if a creepy crawly was found in our wedding dress. In England, a spider in a wedding dress is considered good luck!

  • The whole “carry across the threshold” tradition started because it was believed evil spirits lurked below houses and the first step into a house made a person particularly vulnerable to them.

We hope you liked the trivia! We specialize in the tradition of wedding rings, and if you’re in the market for a wedding ring or an engagement ring in San Diego, we hope you’ll stop by! As a third generation jeweler, we’ll make sure your ring is all you could hope for. As a small family business, we’ll do everything we can to delight you and make you a customer for life!


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