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Shop together or separately?

Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

Old-fashioned people may frown upon the idea of shopping for a ring together. Maybe it’s okay to browse for a ring with her to introduce the idea of “together forever”; casually browsing for rings to get an idea for what she likes is a good move. But the idea of actually purchasing the ring in her presence may raise a few eyebrows.

If you’ve been together for two years or more, you may know by this point whether your girlfriend wants to be there when you get the ring. She may have brought it up in conversation here and there that this is her desire. Since you plan on spending the rest of your life together, considering her request shows thoughtfulness on your part. For some women, a total surprise would encourage their heart, but not every woman is the same. Has she made it a point that she wants to be there when you get the ring? Just because you buy the ring together doesn’t mean she has to keep it with her. You can still maintain the element of surprise by not telling her when you’re going to propose.

Since women respect men who step up to the plate, you can take charge by not giving in to her request to buy the ring together. Maybe she can point out what she likes, but she should not know that you are thinking of the proposal. The timing and everything else associated with engagement should be preserved as a mystery. You set the tone, you set the pace, and you pick the ring. Dazzle her with your masculine leadership; sweep her off her feet and be the knight in shining armor. Be decisive. By now, you would know what ticks her and thrills her. Do the research and know what she wants without her telling you what she wants (after all, don’t all women expect men to read minds?) The proposal and the ring will show the fruit of your research and thought.

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