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Rolex Models - Rolex Milgauss

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The Rolex Milgauss has been around since 1954 and has made quite the impression on the markets. Specifically designed for the men and women working in power plants and research laboratories, it was designed to withstand highly magnetic environments due to its resistance of a magnetic flux density of up to 1,000 gauss. This meant the accuracy of the Rolex Milgauss would not be affected by strong electromagnetic fields, unlike other watches on the market.

The secret to the magnetic resistance of the Milgauss lies within the features of the wristwatch. This one of a kind Rolex model was powered by a special movement which contained anti-magnetic alloys and was encased with an iron shield known as the Faraday Cage as well as the Faraday Shield. This unique feature provided protection against outside static electrical fields, therefore ensuring the watch would continue to be precise even in extreme electromagnetic conditions.

Despite the instant popularity the Rolex Milgauss received, only two models have been made over the years. The first was Model 6541, which featured an over-sized case, bezel, and dial similar to the Rolex Submariner. Included with this model were beautiful leaf-shaped hands, a twinlock crown, a riveted construction Oyster bracelet, and a caliber 1065M movement.

The second model of the Rolex Milgauss was Model 1019. It differed from Model 6541 due to its plain, smooth-finished bezel and the engraving of the name “Milgauss” under the numeral 12 rather than above the numeral 6. It shared some of the same features as its predecessor as well.

As time passed by, several changes took place. The most common of these changes affected the hands of the Rolex Milgauss. Mercedes style hands with lightning bolt seconds replaced the early leaf-shaped hands, and stick-shaped hands replaced the Mercedes style ones. In fact, the stick-shaped hands were used until Rolex discontinued the Milgauss in 1987 and then restarted the production of the magnificent timepiece in 2007.

With the continued production in 2007 came new changes to the Rolex Milgauss, including a self-winding feature and water resistance at a depth of 330 feet. It also became available in steel with the option to choose between a black and a white dial. It also came with a beautiful Oysterlock bracelet featuring easy links. Although the occasional Milgauss model may have an alluring green sapphire crystal, most of the models come with no jewels or crystals but rather a simple and beautifully polished bezel, adding to the charm that attracted consumers and collectors worldwide.

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