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How Do Couples Stay Together

Couple under sunset

There are volumes written about this, and we feel a bit silly trying to answer it when religious leaders, intellectuals, psychologists, and others have offered up this advice for yours. However, as a third generation jeweler, we have the opportunity to interact with a great many couples, and we want to offer you one piece of advice.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to keep in touch with every one of our customers, but we do have the wonderful privilege of remaining in contact with many of them. We’d love to tell you that every single one of the couples stays together for years and years, but that would be lying to you. We have, however, noticed one particular quality that seems present in those who stay together.

It may seem simple, but there is simply no criticism of one another. We don’t mean that there are only jokey put-downs. We mean the couples have nothing to say to one another that’s derisive whether it’s meant as a joke or serious. To us, that suggest couples stay together when they’re very cognizant of the other’s feelings.

We hope you won’t find it too forward of us to suggest that the key to a long marriage might very well be resisting the temptation to say something negative, but that’s what our (admittedly non-scientific) analysis suggests. We hope this little bit of advice helps you get off to the right start.

We’d love to help your marriage get off to the right start when it comes to your engagement ring and wedding set, too. As a third generation jeweler, we have the expertise you need. As a small family business, we have the commitment to excellence that comes from a burning desire to earn your trust and make you a customer for life.


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