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From Friend to Fiancé

Womens Vintage 14k White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
Womens Vintage 14k White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

How do you know when you should take your relationship to the next level, especially if you are considering a life partner? The saying goes that you should marry your best friend, but how does that work, practically speaking? Here are a few tips on how to tell if someone’s the right partner for you:

  1. Are you already best friends with your partner? If you can’t vibe on a friendship level, it would be much harder to work on your relationship when you hit road bumps in the future, because you won’t have any foundation to work on. But if you have things in common, like similar hobbies and interests, you can find other ways to work around your relational rough spots to put the spark back. In countless cases, the friendship has been the saving foundation for marriages because the couple was friends first before they became lovers, and there is always mutual respect that comes from a genuine friend connection.

  2. The difference between a “friend” and “fiancé” is physical attraction. Do you have this chemistry with your best friend? Do sparks fly when you’re together or would you prefer to turn the light off when you’re being intimate with your partner? Although inner beauty is in many ways more important than outer beauty, you cannot deny the power of sexual chemistry when you are together. If passion is already a problem at the thought level, then your marriage would be bound for problems in the future.

  3. People change over time. That is part of reality, and that’s why it’s important to consider your goals, dreams and values. Your goals can bring you together or tear you apart. Do you and your partner have the same dreams? Would your goals keep you together in 5, 10, or 20 years from now? Many people don’t think through these things and figure that the other person might change and conform over time, but you cannot change the core of who you are. Making the other person give up his or her dreams for yours may create resentment in the future. Your values affect your views on rearing children, finances and other important factors. How similar or different are you in your values?

If you and your significant other are congruent on most of these factors, then congratulations! You have found the suitable partner for the rest of your life. At San Diego’s best engagement ring store, we hope to find you the perfect engagement ring for your soul mate! Please do not hesitate to call us or drop by our show room.


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