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Do You Collect Rolex Anchors?

The Rolex anchor of a Rolex Submariner
The Anchor of a Rolex Submariner

Rolex included miniature anchors with various Submariner and Sea-Dweller watches. The most common of them are silver variants released with stainless steel and two-tone submariners. Many people think of an anchor as a necessary part of a “complete” set when purchasing a pre-owned Rolex but the truth is, most anchors on the market do not correspond to the model involved because over time, they were switched about and often sold separately on the secondary market. This is why most collectors will consider any anchor part of a complete set, something almost unique with Rolex accessories.

Rolex first began including the anchor with the early generation Submariner models from the 1950s and stopped in the early 2000s.

Some anchors have a circle on the bottom with a depth rating. So, if you see an anchor with 200 on it, it means the Rolex is certified to a depth of 200 meters. On the left side of the circle is inscribed “Garantie” and on the right side is “Meters.” The shaft of the anchor is inscribed “Rolex Oyster.” These are essentially decorative ways of commemorating the depth guarantee, much like the hanging wax seal tags commemorate certification by the COSC.

This is part of why it is difficult to call an anchor part of a complete set. As depth ratings changed, Rolex technology seemed to move faster than anchor production. So, a plexiglass green dot was created with new ratings and placed over the circle with the rating. On the dot was printed the new depth rating.

Almost every Rolex anchor is either the silver anchor or a silver anchor with a green dot. A rare anchor, gold plated, was released with the full gold Submariner ref 16618. Because the plexiglass dots were notorious for falling off, someone could have the original anchor with an incorrect depth rating.

So, do you think they’re collectible? Do you think a Sub or a SD released with an anchor is incomplete without it? Let me know your thoughts.


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