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Can the Original Rolex Papers Be Replaced if Lost?

Rolex Daytona with Original Papers
A Rolex Daytona with Original Papers

When someone refers to original papers for a Rolex, they really mean the Rolex guarantee. It was originally delivered in paper form but now is delivered on a card similar to a credit card. Booklets, sleeve and other papers that might come with the purchase of a watch are generic but a guarantee cannot be replaced.

The guarantee, though, in Rolex’s own words, cannot be reissued under any circumstances. So, if you don’t have the guarantee, what do you do? The closest you can come to the original guarantee card is to get a Rolex International Service card from an authorized Rolex Service Center. Like the original guarantee card, it offers proof of authenticity. In addition, because it has been serviced, the card also indicates the watch has been inspected and it is in good working order.

Another alternative is to get a letter of authenticity. This is essentially a credible and respected source writing a letter of opinion that says the watch is authentic. Obviously, you want someone to write that letter who’s reputation and name mean something not only to them but also to the Rolex community. The best circumstances would be getting that from a Rolex Authorized Dealer.

What do you think? Do you care about buying with the original papers? Do the papers matter to you as a matter of “completeness” or more in terms of authenticity. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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