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Breaking the Trend

Women's 14K White Gold Cocktail Diamond Engagement Ring
Women's 14K White Gold Cocktail Diamond Engagement Ring

Most women dream of their wedding day since the day they were born. As little girls, they get their ideas from movies like Cinderella or Beauty & the Beast. The idea behind such movies as Snow White reveals to you a woman’s heart: she wants to be treated like royalty. Every woman wants a knight in shining armor to rescue them from their dungeon of loneliness and oppression, and here you come along to sweep her off her feet and take her with you wherever you go. How will you come to win her heart? Do you plan on throwing an elaborate display of your love or will you come in private and whisk her away?

Break the trend with chivalry and old-fashioned etiquette. Nowadays, most couples get married without the blessing from parents on either side. It is rare to find tight-knit families where both agree on the marriage. Instead of harmony, you find discord. Make an effort to bridge the gap in your own family before you try to bridge the gaps in her family. The saying goes that when you marry someone, you marry your spouse’s family. Rather than going along with the long-time history of family feuds, why not start off with the effort to unify as many people as possible. This is not about people-pleasing; this is about bringing peace for both sides of the family now and for years to come. If your families already get along, then great! But if they hardly know each other, then this would be a great start to mend relationships and start a new era of good-will. Statistically speaking, a lot of marriages end up in divorce because couples did not break the cycle of destructive habits they learned from their families; people don’t get married because it has become an “institution.” What a tragedy!

What is old-fashioned etiquette, you may ask? Start with building a good rapport with her father or any male figure in her life, whether it be her guardian, brother, male cousins, or guy best friend. Building trust with her family and friends is crucial, and your efforts to meet them will show her that you care about the people in her life too. When you reach the point that you want to ask her to be your wife, you will not have any problem asking for a blessing from her father. You do it out of courtesy and respect, not out of obligation. That is truly breaking the trend.

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