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Ask Her Father… or Her Friends

Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

Is it still relevant in 2022 for a man to ask a woman’s father for her hand in marriage? Although it may not be common today as it was in the past, this is one way to gain respect and start off on a good note with her family. You are not asking permission; you are just asking for his blessing. Unfortunately for many women (and men), fathers have been absent from their lives and so there may not be a father whom you could ask for her hand in marriage. There may be a grandfather or stepfather who has played a significant role, or maybe a protective older or younger brother. Does she have a male BFF? If she has a close male friend, do not be intimidated by their bond but throw yourself in the mix by becoming good friends with him. Don’t wait until you are ready to pop the question, though. If you have reached a stage when you are ready to ask for her hand in marriage, at this point you should know who her close friends are by now.

Depending on your loved one’s history with her father, even if he is present in her life, he may not be the best person to ask for a blessing. Many women make their man pass the “Friends’ Litmus Test.” If her friends like you, the odds are in your favor. If they don’t like you, it’s time to build some trust before you pop the question, because most likely you and your buddies will work with them during the engagement period when it comes to rehearsals, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and of course, the wedding day itself. What good is a wedding day when the groomsmen and bridesmaids are not getting along because they don’t agree with your union?

Now that you have done the chivalrous thing by going the extra mile, swing by San Diego’s best engagement ring store and do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions! As a third generation jeweler we’ve had plenty of experience helping many of our other customers find the right piece for them and for a fair price. Our goal is to make you our customer for life from the very first visit!


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