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Are Your Ready for Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Putting on engagement ring in wedding

Are you ready to give up your wild bachelor ways? Now is the time to consider your future. If you are squirming in your seat at the thought of responsibility and commitment, weigh your pros and cons first. Know your woman…and know thyself. Your woman deserves someone who is wholeheartedly and single-mindedly committed to her, but if you are having second thoughts ask yourself why? You also deserve to have the life you want. While marriage can be a ball-and-chain to some men, it should be a rewarding experience – with the right person. At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we want you to have the perfect marriage to match your perfect ring. Ask yourself if you are the right person for her:

  1. Are you more attracted to her externally than internally? Beauty is only skin deep, and most women gain weight after the exchange of vows. If you find her more physically appealing than her brains, then she may not be The One.

  2. Is the Search truly over? Are you absolutely sure that there is no one else like her? Have you searched high and low to the ends of the earth to find that there is no other connection more amazing than the one you have right now? If your answer is “no,” then the line-up of chicks will continually haunt you. Do her a favor and do yourself a favor: Be sure that you are ready to give up sowing your wild oats everywhere before settling down. The temptation will be too strong if you are not convinced about your Soul Mate.

  3. She believes in marriage more than you do. Are you the commitment-phobic male who is just going along with the flow? Don’t say “yes” just to say “yes.” If you truly love her but have doubts about marriage itself, maybe it’s time to seek a little help from others to feel good about this lifelong commitment. Perhaps there are unresolved issues from seeing unsuccessful marriages in your family that haunt you. However, going with the flow to make everyone happy is a surefire way to destroy your marriage in the future.

If you are absolutely sold-out without a shadow of a doubt, then there are plenty of reasons to buy the ring without having us to tell you why. Go get the girl! Come by our showroom in San Diego where you will find a huge selection of beautiful diamond rings for your princess. As a third generation jeweler we’ve helped many grooms-to-be pick out the perfect ring for that sweetheart. Who knows? One exchange with us and you may even end up as one of our customers for life.


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